Real estate ranking

Real estate ranking
2 septiembre, 2021 REDPISO

More than 200 Redpiso offices lead the real estate market

Why choose Redpiso?

We are a company that offers real estate and financial services for anyone who needs to buy, sell or rent their property, but what makes us different? We are mainly concerned with meeting the needs of customers, we ensure speed, efficiency and security when buying, selling or renting, together with our financial department we achieve quality in our service.

Today, REDPISO GROUP leads the real estate market in more than 18 provinces, experts in the sector assure that we offer a first-class service and quality, characterized by speed and trust.

Buy, sell or rent with Redpiso

In Redpiso we work distributed in more than 200 offices nationwide, this allows us to have knowledge of each of the sectors, specializing in an absolute way in the areas. Our staff has constant real estate and financial training that allows them to be aware of any changes. Their effort, capacity and preparation make them leaders in real estate consulting.

We are made up of four large companies that include real estate, financial, agency and developer services, which makes it easier for us to have control of the Spanish market in general. As a company we are interested in being in continuous growth, both in the real estate and financial sectors. We rely on various departments that help us offer the best service for our clients. We have different advisory groups that cover the needs of clients such as legal and administrative, ready to meet the demands of the market.

Your dream house… step by step

We know that when buying there are several factors that must be taken into account. At Redpiso, we not only offer real estate services, we have two departments in charge of making your buying process pleasant and bearable. DCREDIT – FINANCIAL SERVICES, is responsible for offering access to adequate financing for the purchase of the home of your dreams and REDTAX – MANAGEMENT  helps us facilitate the procedures that are necessary to make the purchase.

Work and learn, only in Redpiso

At Redpiso we offer a large number of opportunities for professional and personal development of franchisees and employees. We take care of training our team so that they are aware of the changes in the sector and we show absolute interest in forming a family in which all departments are supported and all offices are included in each of the company’s projects.

Quality, efficiency and good service

We are constantly looking for business and growth opportunities, the training given to the members of the Redpiso group is continuous and specialized for each of the relevant aspects in the real estate and financial community.

What do we value at Redpiso?

At Redpiso we mainly value human initiative, we try to get closer and closer to people’s needs and we try to work, grow and improve every day to offer the best service. We offer an exclusive treatment and we seek to achieve the satisfaction of both our staff and all our clients.

We commit ourselves every day to grow and be constructive, meet our goals and build a future with solid and humble training foundations. We analyze the alternatives and contribute to offer immediate solutions.

In Redpiso your home is our commitment

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